Healthcare in the Digital Society

You are invited to attend this enlightening workshop given by C. Peter Waegemann, the prime HIT thought leader and former CEO of the Medical Records Institute, Boston, USA, who will provide a global analysis and visionary view of the HITC framework and roadmap.

We live in a disruptive time as social media, the Internet, and other developments are changing our lives. What does this mean for healthcare? C. Peter Waegemann, the internationally renowned expert on HIT and the Digital Society offers this master class, in which attendees will discuss the roadmap to healthcare in the digital society. Join this workshop to analyze progress in various fields, discuss the hurdles, plan strategies that can be implemented today, and prepare for those that will need implementation in the near future. HITC progress in various parts of the world will be reviewed so that you can learn from others. This four-hour workshop will provide a comprehensive view of healthcare as it enters participator systems driven by expanding access to knowledge, AI (artificial intelligence) and new communication opportunities. Understand the new IoP (Internet of patients), IomT (Internet of medical Things), HKA (Healthcare Knowledge Analytics) and more…

Who should attend:

  • Clinicians who are concerned about the future role of physicians
  • Healthcare executives and managers (all roles: hospitals, clinics, private offices)
  • Health information management professionals
  • Healthcare financial professionals
  • Researchers and public health professionals
  • HITC industry managers                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Analysis of several fields of HITC:  EHRs, Connected Healthcare, e-care, m-Health, and iHealth   

Stage 1: IT Response to multi-specialty care patterns

Stage 2: Converting paper medical records into digital documents

Stage 3: Creating interoperability through hub-centric translations (CHINs, RHIOs, HIEs)

Stage 4: Involving patients in an active way

Stage 5: Interoperability and communication in a trusted environment

Stage 6: Real time open financial system

Stage 7: Transfer of the scientific body of medicine into individual apps (mHealth)

Stage 8: Solving the documentation bottleneck

Stage 9: Integration of AI

Stage 10: e-care functionality

Fee for this master class workshop is 100 $. For Online registration, please go through the link